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Sam Murray

We are always seeking to make your workflow more simplistic and the work you complete to be of the best quality. This is the reason we have introduced Supplier Ratings.

With this new tool, you will be able to see, not only who has the best rates but also, whether they provide the best quality product. After all, you may earn a slightly better margin from some suppliers, however their work may not be up to your client's expectations, leading to costly re-prints and productivity lost.

In the example above, New Test Account is a new supplier with no past ratings provided. While they are by far the cheapest option, perhaps they are not the most sensible choice for this client being an unknown quantity.

We can actually drill into the ratings information to see the exact circumstances for each set of ratings and for which jobs they were given. This, again, can help with deciding which supplier to award the job to.

We can see that the last rating this supplier received said 'This guy is amazing!', so potentially they have recently upgraded their processes to provide a better quality product and therefore are worth the slightly higher expenditure. This is all information you can record in the notes addable to each report back.

How do you give these suppliers their ratings? Once each job is finished and reaches the 'Complete' (or equivalent) status in your system, you will receive a notification requesting KPI & Rating information on a job.


Once you have added any notes required and continued, you will firstly (if applicable) be asked for whether the work met KPIs which have been set by your Company Admin. You can find the guide for anything around KPIs here.

When this has been completed and saved, the Ratings window will show where you can rate the supplier based around measures put in place by your Company Admin.

It should be noted that these ratings will only be visible by your company and never by the supplier themselves. These ratings are for your internal use only, while you may use these ratings to troubleshoot relationships with your supplier, they will not be notified of them from our side.

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