KPI Creation

Sam Murray

KPIs are a great tool to manage expectations around quality of products and the way they are delivered. These are easily set up from your admin panel and actioned on each and every completed Job you choose to feature them on.

To begin this process, you will need to navigate to the Admin button in the top right, before heading to the Job Settings tab, followed by the KPIs sub-section.

To set up a new KPI, you need to hit the New KPI button on the right hand side giving you the options to choose a relevant Label for your KPI (print quality, delivery window, shipping window etc). You can then add a description for your Job Manager to understand the exact parameters of this KPI.

After this, you will have the ability to tweak whether this is a KPI unique to certain Clients or whether this is a blanket rule for all Jobs undertaken by your company.

If you choose to make this KPI active for only certain Clients, you will have a new menu pop up displaying your Client list, where you'll be able to select the Client(s) that you wish to enable this for from your existing base. If this is for a new Client, you will need to set them up in your Address Book first.

Once you have done this, ensure that the checkbox labelled 'Active' is checked (at the end of your KPI label) for the KPI to be, you guessed it, active within your system. Hit Save and the KPI is live and working for your selected Client Jobs.

Now that this is set up, once any job is marked as 'Complete', the Job Manager will be prompted to leave KPI and, if applicable, Supplier Rating feedback as they change the job status to Complete.

From here, once hitting Continue, they will be prompted with the KPI Pass/Fail options that you have assigned to that Client as well as any KPIs that are assigned to all Clients.

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