Specification Reporting

Sam Murray

Specifications are a fantastic way of capturing a product type and easily duplicating it across various jobs without having to go through the repetitive slog of having to manually key each item in repeatedly. However, each of these Specifications may have individual variations that, while they may fall within the scope of what you would provide to a Supplier as a single item type, have enough variation that it is worthwhile capturing additional data around them for reporting purposes.

You will be able to find the configuration of these new fields by navigating to Admin > Job Settings > Data Reporting. Here you will see a number of buttons here. Edit Settings allows you to set the point in time where you will be prompted to fill out this data. This specifically refers to which status the job reaches before this prompt occurs.

Here you will also be able to choose to make a New Field or set the Display Order, much like you are able to do with User Defined Fields elsewhere in the application.

When creating a new field, you are able to set out the name and whether it is both Active and Mandatory. You can choose whether it is dependent on an existing field that is already created. In this case, the Form field will be pre-populated to the conditions of the field you have selected.

You will be able to choose which type of field the user will be presented with, with Dropdown and free field being self-explanatory, and the Breakdown categories requiring you to input a number that must be totalled upto in the response given.

Once you have set up your reporting fields and you have reached the designated status on a job with a Specification attached to it, you will see a prompt appear next to the Specification on the Job Bag Summary page to input your data reporting. Once here, you will be able to fill out this extra information against an additional form of all of the fields you have set against this Specification type or have left visible for all.

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