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You should immediately notice a new icon has appeared in the top right of your navigation bar. This bell indicates that Notifications are live within your system. This will appear if your company has at least one 'Pro User' within it, therefore it's unlikely your suppliers/clients will see this and provide a need to pass this information along.

To set this up initially, you can navigate to this by clicking on Personal Setup > Notification Management (formerly Email Management).

When editing your notifications here, you will see 2 sets of check boxes where previously there was only one for sending notifications to email. This will allow you to choose specifically what emails you receive via the bell icon inside the system and which you receive via email. Initially, the settings for your notifications will match your current email preferences.

There is also a new option at the top of this listing allowing you to check a box to show how many of each type of message you received within the past 6 months. This should allow you to gauge which notifications are relevant, useful and likely to be overwhelming if received.

The Select for Notification button will automatically check all of the boxes to add any type of message you have received at least 1 of in the past 6 months to display in your in-system notifications.

Whenever you receive a new notification, these will automatically appear as a number counter next to the bell icon. This will update automatically without any requirement to refresh the page, much like they do on Facebook or other similar sites that operate notifications.

This bell icon will give you access to your notifications drawer. This is where all notifications that you receive will be stored until you dismiss them. When you have new notifications, the bell will display as a solid blue colour and show a number displaying how many notifications you have pending. The number of notifications here reflects the new notifications since you last opened the notifications window. If you have no new notifications, it will appear as a grey outline.

When you click on the bell icon, you will see a drop-down that displays the most recent notifications you have received. When the notification is unread, it will appear in bold font, when it has been read, it will show without the bold text.

The dot symbol on the right of the notification will mark that notification as read while the X will dismiss it from view. You can also find options to mark all as read and dismiss all notifications here. Clicking view all messages will simply take you to your Messages tab.

You will also be able to navigate directly to the named alert by clicking on this notification. In the event of this being a message, you will be transported to the Messages tab. If this is about a specific action within the system, you will be instead navigated directly to it. This should speed up your ability to reach things requiring your attention by a large magin.

It should also be noted that if you are currently editing something within the system, an alert window will pop up if you attempt to navigate away via a notification to prevent accidental clicks. 

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