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The Budget page gives you the ability to gather the costs of a Job together before assigning them an Estimate or Purchase Order. When utilising this section, you can ensure that you are keeping to your Budget for the Job as well as helpfully collating items together in one location.


When dealing with Materials or Time addition, you will be provided with a simple selection screen that allow you to select the Material or Time type by moving it to the right-hand column. You can select multiple items here before hitting Next.


Once you have done so, the next page will allow you to confirm the name, code, quantity, margin, charge and sales tax. You will also be able to directly add Materials to the Estimate and Purchase Order. In the case of Time actions, Estimate will be your only option as the Time will be measured via the Activities tab.


In the case of Outwork or Miscellaneous, you will be able to select quantities, which RFQ they are sourced from, the name and information around the Cost, Markups and Tax.

Once you have added your items to your Budget, you have the option to add items you choose by selecting the checkbox to the left of each item to an Estimate or Purchase Order by using the options at the top.

Your budget will also reflect some additional information. When you have a Contract active against a Client, the Budget will automatically build out information. The fields for 'Confirmed Procurement Items' and 'Confirmed Time/Services' refer to those items that have passed through a confirmed Estimate process. Equally, the Unconfirmed aspects are those that have not processed beyond the Estimate approval stage.

Benchmark and Hard Savings represent figures held against the Cost and Sell prices of each item within an Estimate. If there are Savings or Gainshares for each item, they will be shown here. The Other Savings section refers to any savings placed against the job at the bottom of the Dashboard screen.

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