Queue Management

Sam Murray

Queues are a great way of ensuring that work from specific Clients are funnelled through to the correct Job Teams automatically. This ensures that no work is applied to the incorrect Teams and all work for specific Clients is automatically assigned. These Queues apply to Jobs created on the Client side before being pushed into your system.

Firstly, to find the settings for this you need to navigate to Admin > Job Settings > Queues before hititng New on the right hand side to start forming your Queue.


Here, you can assign the name, your Queue Manager (who will become the default Job Manager), the Client Company the queue is assigned to, whether to skip the Job Manager selection screen entirely as the Client creates the Job, whether to allow Clients to continue editing the Job before they are commenced, whether there should be an automatic Status change and whether it is mandatory for Clients to add a Specification.

Once this is saved, the Queue will become Active and being effecting all new Jobs entered by that Client.

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