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Sam Murray

For each different type of work that you undertake, you may require different workflows. While some Jobs may only require a simple process, others may take multiple rounds of re-drafting or reach an additional QA stage for example. This is where different Job Types and their respective Statuses come in.

Firstly, to reach this area, you will need to navigate to Admin > Job Settings > Job Types & Statuses. This will show you the existing Types that you have setup in your system as well as giving you the option to create a new one from the buttons in the top right.


Here you can see that we already have one created for you 'Sales Promotion MTO'. This has some statuses for requesting samples, approval of test plans etc built into it. These are all Statuses that this Job can hold in order to demonstrate the progress currently made and to indicate which form of action should be taken at this stage.

As in this example, you can provide the name for the Job Type as well as a shortcode for it. You can provide a Default Group for the Job Type which allows the automatic addition of certain team members to the Job at the point of Type selection and then you can list out your Statuses which you will use to track your progress. Finally, there is a checkbox indicating whether the Type is Active or not, this will mandate whether this Type is selectable currently or not.

Once you have your Job Type set up, it will become available on the Job creation screen in a drop-down and will apply these settings to each Job you create with this Type Active.

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