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Bills allow for you to bill your Client from within the system, creating a better paper trail than emailing back and forth to settle payments.


When creating a new bill, you will be able to select the contact you wish to send this to under the Client using the contact selector along with providing any additional information you'd like to provide them alongside the bill.

When selecting the Bill Items, you will be presented with only those items that have been sent as part of a Purchase Order to your Supplier and actioned. This will immediately show you the most relevent items and allow you to see the work type, quantities, estimated costs, actual cost, how much billed so far, how much remaining to be billed against both the estimated costs and actual costs.

You will be able to set a billed amount against each item and send them here. Please ensure you check each item that you would like to include in the Bill on the left-hand side to ensure they are included. You also have the option to save the Bill as a draft in order to make it ready to send at a later point.

It is also possible to bill for items that are not currently involved in a Purchase Order by checking the 'include unconfirmed items' box. This will provide a list of all items linked to this job in any way along with the quantities they were linked in. You also have the ability to mark the Bill as Sales Tax Exempt at the bottom.

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