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Managing Accounts give you a lot of control over the way you work with each company. They allow you to manage the nature of your relationship with that company along with giving an overview of various parts of your setup with them.

To locate this area of the system, navigate to Admin > Relationships > Accounts. Here you will find a list of all of the companies you are linked with, allowing you an option to click into each one and edit their options.

Here, you will be able to edit their Account Code (if any), a logo to be assigned to them which will show on the Job Bag, a default Group that will automatically assigned to Jobs relating to them and a default Work Type to be automatically assigned to their Jobs too. Please note: These can be altered on a Job-by-Job basis as they are being created.

There are also a number of Catalogue specific options listed here. These control various pieces of information for both Suppliers and Clients in regards to the Catalogue system as listed below.

Working Days related to Lead Times for products. For example: If an order was placed on a Friday with a lead time of 2 days and the Supplier has Saturday & Sunday excluded from their Working Days, the order would be flagged for dispatch on Tuesday of the following week as opposed to the Sunday.

Auto transfer toggles the settings directly below it in relation to methods of transferring files from orders made in the Catalogue to the Supplier. This can be done via FTP or Hot Folder and various options for configuration are allowed for here.

The Order Details and Basket Message are presented to the Client upon navigating through the Catalogue order process and allow for you to pass vital information across to them at these stages.

Moving away from Catalogue specific settings, you are able to set your Relationship with this account. Trusted will automatically share all contacts under your Account with this Company. Standard will not do so.

The Catalogue publishing setting designates whether this Company can publish a Catalogue to your Company. The Selection checkboxes alter where this Company and it's Users show up in your Contact Selector throughout the application. Clients will only show in fields where Clients should be selected (as the Client of a Job, to send an Estimate to etc) and Suppliers will only show in their rightful place (on RFQs and Purchase Orders for example).

Also on this page are areas that show which Materials, User Defined Fields and Users are linked to this Account. You also have the option of creating a new Material here, which is covered in the Material Management guide.

The User Defined Fields will allow you to add extra fields for data on the Job Bag screen to be carried across various parts of the system. These provide the flexibility to collect and properly label data throughout the application.

Finally, you will see the User list of all Users attached to this Company and Share Requests which are requests from this Company to add Contacts from your Company to their Address Book.

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