Client Contract Management

Sam Murray

Contracts are a way of managing on-going agreements between your Company and that of your Client. They allow you to ensure that each Job undertaken for them operates within the bounds of your Contract as well as providing the ability to build and track the fantastic Gainshare system.

Firstly, to locate this section, navigate to Admin > Relationships > Contracts and you will see all of the current Contracts you have in place.


When making a new Contract, you will be asked to select the Client, the Owner to designate who has ownership over this Contract, when the Contract starts and finishs, when the anniversary date is and how early to alert you to the imminent end of the Contract.

You will also be able to set whether there is a set mark-up decided for both procured goods and for performed services as well as whether it is agreed that you must get a minimum number of different suppliers at the RFQ stage.


If this is a Client that you are seeking to run through the Benchmarking portion of the system, you can choose to enable it here and begin entering information about whether they have a specific savings target and what range quantities will be identified for Benchmarking within.

You will have the option to apply a Gainshare to savings made, dictating which percentage of the savings made will be retained by your Company and how much by your Client. You will also be able to dictate whether you wish to show the Savings, Benchmark Source and Gainshare to your Client on a Job-by-Job basis.

There are also settings present for processing Orders. These allow you to set the default Benchmarking methods, either using the present Client Benchmark as dictated by any linked Rate Card or using the Last Price generated for this item. You will also have the option to generate a live Benchmark with a preset variance if neither of these options exist, which will automatically examine your sourcing process to create a Benchmark.

Here, you can also toggle whether Benchmarks will be automatically recalculated when the Contract is renewed or not and the rules around these recalculations (whether they are controlled by the average paid price or lowest).

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