Material Management

Sam Murray

Materials are used to create the rules under which some of your products operate. They allow you to create setups that are easily assignable to Jobs and save time re-keying data repeatedly for similar products.

To locate Materials, you will need to navigate to Admin > Organisation > Materials. Here you will see all of the Materials that you currently have created, along with options to Edit them and create new Materials on the right hand side.


When creating a new Material, a number of options are made available to you. You may choose a Type (whether this Material is for external or internal Jobs), the name of the Material, which Currency it is carried in, the Work Type to swiftly set some basic rules and the automatically assigned Margin % applied to this Material.

You will also be able to assign the Sales Tax applicable, whether the Material is priced inidividually or grouped, the Lead Time assigned and whether it is active.

Beyond this, you will be able to select which Supplier(s) this Material is linked to, this will ensure that each instance of using this Material only allows the Material to be used in conjunction with Suppliers you have agreements with.

Finally, you are able to supply Pricing Details, this allows you to set a Flat Rate price for each unit or to set individual Quantities along with Run Ons and Cost split into Cost per unit as well as separate Shipping.

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