Creation Of Custom Fields

Sam Murray

In order to gather the correct data for the Jobs you perform for your Clients, you may occasionally need to add additional fields that will ultimately be reflected in your Job Bag summary.

In order to do this, you will first need to navigate to Admin -> Job Settings -> User Defined Fields.

From here, you will be able to define New Job Sections (i.e. the 'categories' that these fields will show up under), add New Fields and Set Display Order of these Sections & Fields.

Job Sections

First of all, we'll create a New Job Section by clicking the New Job Section button.

Here, you can simply set the Label for this Section and Save your selection.

New Fields

By clicking on the New Field button, you are presented with a new form. You can provide a Label to indicate the general title & Instructions to inform the user what information needs to be input.

If you have other fields that have preset responses contained with them (i.e. Selection Drop Downs), you will be able to use the Dependent On field to create fields that only appear based upon previous responses.

An example here would be:

Does the client want an email sent to their CEO upon their order completing? as the first field, with a Single Selection form response of Yes or No

What is the CEO's email address? As the field created with a dependency on the above field's answer being 

You will also be able to choose the Job Section the field comes under so it is sorted in a way that makes sense to the person filling out the form.

You will be able to choose to Create Field In either All Jobs or Jobs For Selected Clients. Clicking the latter will bring up a selection screen allowing you to choose which clients you wish to show this option for and allowing you to tailor this field to fit the specific Client its relevant for.

You can choose to Show Field in only certain parts of the application and whether you wish to show it publicly to your Clients and Suppliers or not.

You can choose the Type of field you wish to use to meet the data format required. Your options here are Single line (small and large depending on whether the data is expected to be one line or longer), Multiple line (for larger chunks of data like a descriptive paragraph), Single Selection (drop down or radio button), Multiple Selection (selection tool or checkbox), Date, Number (whole or decimal), Price, Percentage and Quantity. You also have the option of making this a mandatory field or not.

Finally, you can choose whether to allow it to be active in Job Searching or not, giving you the ability to find specific types of Job easily.


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