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Sam Murray

The easiest way to manage User information, especially in Bulk is via Data Management. You can locate this by navigating to Admin -> Data Management. You will be presented by a wide range of options depending on what options you have available.

By selecting the Users checkbox and then Export Data, you will be presented with a spreadsheet similar to the following.

Here, you will be able to update user information such as their email address, their license access, post addresses, languages and much more.

If you wish to add an additional user or users, you simply have to add an additional row to the document, fill out the user's information. However, you should leave the User ID field blank and include a password in the password field for the user to be created. The addition of your new user should look somewhat similar to the change seen below.

Finally, in order to action these changes, you will need to Import the newly updated document into the system again. This can be done by choosing the Users radio button and hitting Import Data. You will then be shown a pop-up requesting your updated file like the below.

Once you have chosen your file and hit next, the system will perform a level of validation to confirm the details you have submitted. Regardless of the changes you may have made, any existing users will be listed as 'Users to be updated', your new users will be listed as 'Users to be Created' and anything incorrectly entered will be displayed as 'CSV File Exceptions'. In this case, you'd need to correct the error and re-upload the corrected CSV file.

Once you've completed this process, the User updates will immediately be reflected within the system.

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