Dealing With RFQs (Request For Quote)

Sam Murray

How can I respond to an RFQ (request for quote)?

Typically, it's best if you respond via the Mtivity platform, providing information for each amount separately in the fields provided. Ensure also that you fill out the information for any run-ons requested.

If you are, for whatever reason, not able to access the Mtivity platform, you may be able to submit your response via email or phone call to the issuer of the RFQ. They would be able to update your RFQ information from their side.

However, please check with the individual issuer as to which methods of response they are happy to accept. The most efficient, simplistic and professional method of response will always be via the Mtivity platform

I didn't receive an RFQ for a job, why?

If you didn't receive a notification or email surrounding a particular job, it may be that you haven't been selected to bid on this job unfortunately. The reasons for which may vary from case to case. Under these circumstances, you would not have access to information surrounding the job or be provided a route to give your quotation.

However, if you are certain that you have been invited but haven't received a notification or email, there are a couple of potential issues.

Firstly, you may have simply lost the email into your Spam/Junk folder. Please have a quick check there and see if the email was caught by that. It happens more often than you'd think!

If the email can't be found there, you may find that your IT administrator needs to set up specific access rules to receive emails from the Mtivity platform. Please pass along this information to them to allow correct setup:

SMTP Server: (or
Email From:

Finally, it is possible for a reminder to be issued to suppliers surrounding RFQs, which effectively resends a link for you to access the particular Job you are invited to. Please contact the RFQ issuer to send this reminder to you.

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