System Update: 01 Feb 2015

James Mason

This version sees the release of the following features


Catalogue Workflow Support

Enabling of the catalogue workflow for clients using the Benchmark version of the product

Specification Export

Enabling of the export of specification with just Rate-card or Benchmark fields to support the following workflow


1: Create a Specification in the UI


2: Export the Benchmark only fields via Spec export


3: Add in the Qty and Prices into the export file


4: Load in BM data via BM import


Address Book

Change of default view from "My contacts" to "All Contacts and selection state retention if you change that selection

Hide Currency in Materials and Ratecards (Admin)

Where multiple currencies are used, the system will now hide the default currency symbol

Fix Admin login history page

Removal of 3rd party system logins from the login history (where the 3rd party system is an automated process)

ReLabel of client name in browser - client specific white label

For a new client, the Browser Header name has been changed

Auto Publishing of Languages to all clients using a client specific white label

For one of our clients, the system will now automatically publish 10 languages to the users having access to the client's white labelled version of Mtivity

Fix BM for non-signed up Job Client Contact

Bug fix to resolve an issue when running Jobs for Benchmark clients where the client is not signed up

Navigation to Estimate Client View pages corrected for BM & non-BM Jobs

Bug fix to resolve an issue of navigating to the client view page of estimates

Create and Edit Bill Page

A filter has been added that by default hides unconfirmed items when creating a bill, there is also an option to show the unconfirmed


Addition of a number of fields to the Estimate item report, in addition to adding bill related fields to the Estimate Item report


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