Having problems receiving emails from Mtivity?

David Ford

First we recommend to check your spam folder - all messages from Mtivity are sent from Notifications (donotreply@mtivity.com) - if you see the message there, mark it as "Not Spam" and it will appear in your inbox from then on.

If it is not appearing in your either your inbox or spam folder then the email sent from Mtivity may be being marked as spam either by an IT department system or your ISP before it reaches your inbox.

In this situation we advise adding Mtivity's SMTP Server details to your system's "Email Whitelist".

Here are the details of our SMTP Servers, this is the source of all emails sent from Mtivity:

If you are in the UK, Europe or elsewise login via web1.mtivity.com, the correct details to whitelist would be: (or server1.mtivity.com)

If you are in the US or login via web2.mtivity.com, the correct details to whitelist would be: (or server2.mtivity.com)

If the problem persists you may need to request that your ISP add the SMTP server details to their whitelist.

In some cases, this will not be sufficient & a network administrator may need to do a refresh of DNS mail record for Mtivity. This is typically needed when a corporate email server is utilising RDNS lookup in inbound emails.

The public DNS mail records for Mtivity may have been updated however this step is sometimes required because the refresh times of a corporate DNS entries may not line up with the public records.

More information on whitelisting can be found on google or here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitelist

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