Estimate Acceptance

Sam Murray

Estimates are provided to you by your Job Management Company in order to give you an outline of all projected costs for the project for your confirmation. This should reflect the final cost to be paid as well as a breakdown of all of the different items and services built into the work.


You are presented with with a pair of very simple options at the top of the Estimate to either Accept or Decline. On choosing Accept, you will be prompted for a reference number as well as given the opportunity to provide any notes you may require. For Decline, you will be provided a field to input a reason for the Decline.


The top section of the Estimate displays basic information about the Estimate, who it was sent to, billing & delivery addresses, which Job it is in relation to and any relevant reference numbers.


When an item is included on the Estimate, it will appear and may show a project delivery date if possible. It will also show the quantity, the net sell price and the total for that item including any applicable taxes. At the bottom of the Estimate, you will see a total for all items.


Occasionally, you may be supplied with some options on the Estimate. For example, you may have requested pricing on multiple quantities of a particular item, and this will be displayed as included or excluded costs. You are able to freely include or remove items as marked in red and the totals will only add onto the Estimate total when they are selected as included.

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